Asian Style Turkey Meatball in Broth

Hello everyone, I try to cook with turkeyoften as an alternative to chicken to stay out of the red-meat-zone. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to cook with large pieces of turkey, so I usually opt for ground turkey. Some recipes I use ground turkey for include meatloaf, burritos and chili. Basically, anywhere you can … Continue reading

Chicken with Balsamic Tarragon Mushroom Sauce

Hello everyone, Typically, one may associate mushroom sauce with adjectives such as creamy, high-calorie and delicious. Personally, I love mushroom sauce. But when you make it with all that butter and cream, you can’t help but feel your arteries scream at you, regardless of how pleased your stomach may be. So instead of avoiding my … Continue reading

Cashew Chicken – Thai Style

Hello everyone, Back when John and I were in Thailand, we took a Thai cooking class. One of the things we got to cook were Thai stir fries. Our cooking instructor described these stir fries as “Thai fast food, faster then McDonald’s!” I’d say she’s partially correct with this statement, as the prep takes a … Continue reading

Roasted Chicken and Vegetables

Hello everyone, Growing up, one of my favourite dinners was the classic roasted chicken dinner, featuring some sort of green vegetable such as peas (usually ignored), and always my precious mashed potatoes. Yes, I know this blog features a roasted chicken dinner, but mashed potatoes were the highlight for me, my truest of true loves. … Continue reading

Mediterranean Chicken Stew with Artichokes

Hello everyone, I love artichokes! John and I will buy a couple of fresh artichokes, steam them and dip them in balsamic vinegar. Not only are they delicious, but they are fun to eat too. I enjoy peeling layer after layer off, with the vegetable on each leaf growing more and more ample, until you reach … Continue reading