photoSeveral years back, I made the decision that I needed to learn how to cook. There were two main sources of motivation behind this. First, I decided I needed to become a more useful human being. Second, I wanted to take control of my own diet. My mom always cooked very healthy so I could take the opportunity to learn from her before I moved out. Just as importantly, I wanted to try to avoid the fast food and eating out that plagues university students.

So my quest to become a better cook has been successful. From barely knowing how to cook rice (I ruined multiple pots attempting this) I can now whip up a paella in minutes. By no means am I a professional chef, but I like to think I have become fairly competent in the kitchen. But for me, the real payoff over these years of learning to cook is that I have developed an extraordinary passion for food, one that fills my heart and plate with joy.

So what kind of recipes will you find in this blog?

Canadian cuisine really comes down to bannock, poutine and maple syrup. But fortunately for Canadians, we come from a multicultural land where we are exposed to cuisine from so many different ethnicities. For me, I am no specialist in any one area, but more of a kitchen globetrotter. I like to try new things and experiment all over the place – Mexican, Indian, Thai, Greek, and French just to name a few. I am blessed by my boyfriend John who is exceptional with the barbecue, so this blog will grace you with barbecued and smoked meats fresh off his grill (I of course, provide the sides to accompany the glorious meat!) I aim to present to you a wide variety of recipes through this blog, all tried and tested by yours truly.

I have always made the effort to eat healthy, and you will find that the majority of the recipes in this blog stay true to these efforts. However, I am not afraid to indulge, and some of these delectable goodies will find their way to you as well (you know the 80-20 rule, right?)

Together, John and I have made the commitment to never put dinner on the backburner. By this, I mean that food is a priority at our house, and we have spent many glorious evenings cooking together and simply enjoying each other’s company as we delight in the fruits of our labour. From a weeknight meal to a huge dinner party, John and I always put our hearts into every meal.

So I wish to share the passion I have found in food with you. I find that any experience, occasion, memory or even Monday night can always be enhanced by a special meal, bringing friends and family closer together. Every meal has a story that I aim to tell.

Bon appetit!


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