Grits with Bacon, Broccoli and Cheese

Hello everyone,

Ever since John and I traveled to the deep south, we have fallen in love with grits. Instead of just eating them on their own, we often use various meats, veggies, cheeses and eggs into our grits, sometimes cooked fresh, sometimes leftovers. Asparagus, mushrooms, sausage, steak and green onions are just some of the ingredients that find their way into our breakfast grits concoctions, often topped with a poached or fried egg and grated cheese. Although I have posted a specific recipe here, feel free to get creative with your grits!

The other day I had a bunch of bacon and broccoli in the fridge, so thought we would incorporate them into our breakfast grits! While John fried the bacon and made the grits, I steamed the broccoli and grated the cheese. In the end, we had a decadent, delicious and satisfying breakfast! Alternatively, serve as a tasty side dish.

Have some fun the next time you have breakfast!

Bon appetit,


Click here for printable Word version of recipe:
Grits with Broccoli, Bacon and Cheese


Breakfast Grits with Bacon, Broccoli and Cheese

(Makes 1 large or 2 small servings depending on your appetite


1-1.5 cups cooked grits, salted
2 slices bacon, cooked to your liking, cut into pieces
3+ florets steamed broccoli, chopped
¼ cup grated cheddar cheese – use more to serve 2
1 egg, fried or poached, with soft yolk (optional) Cook a second egg to serve 2

To steam broccoli in microwave:

  • Put broccoli in ceramic bowl, add 3 tbsp water, cover with a plate.
  • Microwave on high for 2 minutes

Dish/divide grits in a bowl/bowls. Top with, bacon pieces, broccoli and grated cheese. Add egg on top if using.


  • Substitute broccoli with asparagus and mushrooms.
  • Substitute bacon with breakfast sausages, also, cut into pieces. Leftover steak or chicken are also great options.
  • Try any kind of cheese that suits you!

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