Chickpea Chipotle Burritos

Hello everyone, Don’t get me wrong. I love meat. Sausage, ham, bacon, pulled pork – I love to eat many different kinds of animals! But for some reason, I tend to prefer my burritos vegetarian. Weird, I know. I think the combination of all of the beans and meat tend to sit very heavy in … Continue reading

Cookie Dough Hummus

Do you love munching on cookie dough but are aware of the danger of that habit? Cookie dough hummus could be just the alternative you need to satisfy your cookie dough cravings guilt-free! Continue reading

John’s Seafood Pasta

Hello everyone, If you’re not aware already, John is half Italian. His grandparents on his mom’s side were born in Italy and came to Canada when they were young. As a result of his heritage, John has had the privilege to grow up eating fantastic Italian cooking courtesy of both his mom and his nonna … Continue reading