John’s Smoked Big-Ass Rib Eye Steak

Cut SteakHello everyone,

I would like to start by apologizing for my use of vulgar language in the title of this post. But seriously, apart from “big-ass,” I can’t think of a better adjective to describe the glorious 24+ oz rib eye steak that John and I cooked up that magical night.

We came across our beloved in a grocery store in South Lake Tahoe. When we saw it sitting there, we were like two little kids peering over the counter at a candy store, staring in disbelief as we had never seen such a thick cut of steak in Canada. There are some things that Americans do better than everyone else, and this big-ass steak is one of them.

John is passionate about smoking, and always brings a smoker camping. His mini-komodo is small and easily packed in our truck. We carry it around the continent with us, preparing tasty smoked delicacies wherever we go.

John and I are usually purists when it comes to steak, but John decided to change it up this time. He threw the big-ass steak on his mini-komado and the magic happened. .

And let me tell you, this steak was unlike anything I have ever eaten.

John smoked it for about an hour with oak, and then promptly grilled the steak to perfection. Cooked to a perfect medium rare-rare Chicago style, the smoky flavour accented the steak just wonderfully. Even the dog knows this steak is something special.

On our way out of South Lake Tahoe, we purchased a second big-ass steak and smoked it when we stopped in Montana on our way home. I didn’t think perfection could be repeated but John pulled it off a second time!


Steak on Cutting BoardBBQ Definition

Chicago Style

A steak cooked “Chicago style” means the outside of the steak is burnt and the inside of the steak is cooked to order. Once you go Chicago, you will never go back!


John Getting Grill Up To Hellfire TemperaturesTemperature Definition

The Fires of Hell

To achieve the “fires of hell” temperature, get your BBQ as hot as you can. If flames start erupting out of the grill, that’s even better! That “hellfire” will help you achieve your Chicago style steak.

Please note: While “Chicago Style” is an actual cooking term, “The Fires of Hell” is a cooking term coined by John


Montana SunsetI would like to finish by apologizing for the constant use of the term “Hell” to describe the temperature of John’s grill. But John and I agree that apart from the phrase Fires of Hell,” there is no better way to describe the temperature of his grill and the flames rising out of said grill. It’s like Mordor in there.

This concludes the story of the happiest day of my life.

Bon appetit,


Click here for the printable Word version of the recipe:
John’s Big-Ass Smoked Rib Eye Steak 


John’s Big-Ass Smoked Rib Eye


1 Rib eye steak, 2+ inches thick
Rub (we like our Salt Lick Rub)


  1. Put a healthy amount of rub on all sides of steak
  2. Smoke with oak or applewood at 220 F for 1 hour.
  3. Coat both sides of steak in butter while getting grill up to high heat.
  4. Finish off Chicago style in direct flame. Temperatures should range approx. around the fires of hell.

TIP: If you hit the steak against the grill, the fat will fall out causing the grill to produce even more hellfire, giving your steak a fantastic Chicago finish. Ensure you are wearing proper PPE if you are to attempt this. John suggests oven mitts and safety glasses. Or very, very long tongs.

Please note: The temperature term “Fires of Hell” used in this recipe is a very scientific term coined by John himself.

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