John’s Red Snapper with Lemon Butter Wine Drizzle

Dear friends,

As a child I was never a big fan of fish. I wouldn’t touch salmon. I would usually only eat pan fried trout or pike that my dad filleted and fried fresh (because this was the best fish could be), or those terrible Captain Something fish sticks that my Nana would serve on Christmas eve as the meat alternative (because they didn’t taste like fish!)

Red SnapperHowever, over time, I have grown to enjoy fish. One of my wonderful boyfriend’s hobbies happens to be going out into the Pacific ocean in very unfortunate conditions in which most modern men would parish. Sitting out there freezing and drenched for hours on end, John and his dad always manage to bring in a beutiful haul of fish, a haul which is currently occupying the vast majority of our deep freeze. Fresh fish every week … I am a lucky girl indeed.

In the past, John and his dad usually manage to catch a boatload of salmon. However, this year the salmon fishing was poor and the focus became more on bottom feeders (generally white flaky fish.) In our freezer, we have a few halibut steaks , which we are saving for special occaisions. The majority of the fish is either ling cod or red snapper. . Accustomed to cooking salmon, white fish is a little more unfamilliar to John and I. Being the innovative chef that he is, this has pushed John to do a little experimenting as of late. The other day he came up with the most delicious way to cook red snapper,a recipe I would like to share with you today.

This simple and easy dish consists of a very lightly breaded red snapper, fried and topped with a white wine butter drizzle. Try serving with a rice or barley pilaf and roasted asparagus. John and I had it tonight with steamed broccoli and a mushroom barley rizzotto.

– Fry the fish on medium high, without adjusting the heat
– You can substitute the red snapper for any white fish, but we would suggest trying the snapper first!

Ingredient I can’t live without:

You can throw white wine in so many dishes to add that delicious flavour. It is great with fried white fish, pilafs, sauces or anything that needs a pick me up. Whenever I have a bottle of unfinished white wine, I always store it in my cupboard for cooking.

Herb of the week:

Although this fish recipe does not include parsley, this delicious herb is great on an assortment of baked fish. Use parsley as a garnish for nearly anything, or try adding to your fresh salads. I am a huge fan of fresh parsley and don’t even have dried in my kitchen. I usually have some on hand in my fridge.

So a special thanks to John for the recipe this week. He even typed it up for me and took the picture (see below)  of our dinner tonight. Additional thanks to John for spoiling me with all of this delicious fish!

Bon appetit,


Click here to view printable Word version of recipe:
Breaded Red Snapper with Butter Wine Drizzle


John’s Breaded Red Snapper with Butter Wine Drizzle!

This recipe features Red Snapper but works well with any bottom feeding fish. It is a must try if you are a fan of a light breaded fish.



Dinner portion fillet with skin off Red Snapper (Yellow Eye Cod)
Bread crumbs
Parmesan Cheese
High temp cooking oil (grape seed,avacado ect..)


White wine


-Rinse fillet with cold water and set on dish.

-Salt and Pepper each side of fillet

-With a 1/3 Parmesan Cheese 2/3 bread crumb mix cover each side of fillet

-Bring some oil to heat in a large frying pan and cook fish on medium-high until done

-In a small pot melt butter and add white wine to make a 1/3 butter to 2/3 wine mix

-squeeze lemon into butter/wine drizzle mix to taste

To serve simply place the fillet on your plate and pour over drizzle as wanted. It is nice to keep the drizzle near by for the occasional dipping indulgence as well.

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