Macaroni and Cheese: The Cheesy, Gooey, High Calorie, Good Kind

Hello everyone, Are you gluten intolerant? Lactose intolerant? Trying to lose weight? Have a heart condition? Trying to avoid developing a heart condition in the future? If any of these apply to you, stop reading immediately! If none apply or you simply don’t care, read on! I’m sure you have all tried recipes that boast … Continue reading

Dill Pickle Soup

Hello everyone, Months ago, my cousin Lori and I were out for her birthday, and we chose to dine at The Continental for the occasion. The Continental restaurant is an Eastern European restaurant that has been around for decades in Edmonton. During our visit, we enjoyed such classics and beef stroganoff with spätzle, goulash, perogies  … Continue reading

Chickpea Chipotle Burritos

Hello everyone, Don’t get me wrong. I love meat. Sausage, ham, bacon, pulled pork – I love to eat many different kinds of animals! But for some reason, I tend to prefer my burritos vegetarian. Weird, I know. I think the combination of all of the beans and meat tend to sit very heavy in … Continue reading