Grand Teton National Park and Camping Burritos

Jackson LakeHello everyone,

This July, I had the privilege of going on a road trip with my mom! We headed down to Wyoming for a week to visit Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks. We started out by spending a couple of days in Grand Teton.

Grand Teton National Park is a peculiar thing in my mind. There is a large circle of mountains surrounding vast plains. The circle mountains form the “hole” where the town of Jackson is located, (also referred to as “Jackson Hole.”) The town site takes up a very small portion of this “hole,” so most of the area is composed of plains, with some trees and many fields.

The national park is a small portion of the circle of mountains. Most of the mountains are smaller and tree covered, but then out of nowhere BOOM! 5 or 6 beautiful rocky peaks pop out of the ground, reaching up to the sky. With the empty space of the plains helping to frame the mountains, it is quite the spectacular sight.

What is really cool about the rocky Tetons is that the elevation is high enough that you find yourself in an alpine setting. Gorgeous alpine lakes are surrounded by beautiful meadows full of wild flowers. My mom and I enjoyed hiking around the lakes, through the fields and up to some waterfalls and viewpoints.

We stayed in a cute little cabin in a KOA campground. Equipped with 2 beds and not much else, our perfect little log cabin backed on to a nearby river.

We enjoyed cooking camping dinners in the beautiful clear evenings. One of our favourite meals was our camping burritos!

We grilled our chicken and vegetables, and seasoned them with a taco seasoning. We heated a can of camping beans, which made the perfect addition to the burritos!


  • Use steak or chicken (we used chicken breasts)
  • Use Bush beans or Heinz beans, any flavour you like. We used the classic pork and beans.
  • This recipe works great for breakfast too! Substitute the meat with eggs and you’ve got yourself a great breakfast!
  • We had no choice but to buy a pack of 8 tortillas for the use of two. We re-used our extra tortillas and pre-sliced cheese for making wraps for lunch the next few days.

Julie and MomA great road trip with my mom! Stay tuned for the next installment, Yellowstone National Park!

Bon appetit,


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Camping Burritos


Camping Burritos


Chicken breasts/boneless skinless chicken thighs or steak
Oil for cooking
1 onion, sliced
2 gloves garlic, minced
1 jalapeno, seeded and minced
1 red pepper, diced
Taco seasoning or cumin and chili powder
Salt and pepper
1 can Heinz/Bush beans
1 jar salsa
Cheese, sliced or grated
Flour tortillas
Mexican hot sauce – Chalula’s or Valentina’s

  1. Cut meat into bite sized pieces
  2. Season meat with salt and pepper. Begin cooking on griddle or pan.
  3. Once meat starts to cook, begin to fry onion. You can do this on the same griddle as the meat or a separate pan depending on your camping set up.
  4. Once onion starts to cook, add jalapeno and garlic to onion.
  5. Add red pepper to veggies. Salt and pepper vegetables.
  6. Season vegetables and meat with seasonings (taco seasoning or chili and cumin)
  7. While veggies and meat are cooking, heat beans.
  8. When everything is cooked, make your burritos. On a flour tortilla place your sliced cheese. Then add meat, veggie mix, beans and salsa. If you have grated cheese, sprinkle on top. Wrap and enjoy!

One thought on “Grand Teton National Park and Camping Burritos

  1. Hello Julie, Enjoyed your description of the Grand Teton National Park. You are very observant and one can well imagine how it looks like by your descripion. I also enjoyed the “Napoli’ snack you sent me with your Mom. Did I tell you my story with the Napoli? I was 4 years old then. Will tell you an other day.. Love, Papa Joe.

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