John’s Beer Battered Fish and Chips

Deep FryerHello everyone,

There is nothing like having a fish fry outside on a nice summer day. We have done this a couple of years in a row at the cabin, and it has become a hit. We set up the deep-fryer and a picnic table in the middle of the yard and John entertains us as he piles plates of fries and deep-fried fish in front of us. It’s really nice to sit outside with the family and be fed!

John doesn’t do fish and chips like a normal person. He puts on a spectacle.

You will see him in his mad scientist goggles and fire-proof gloves with the deep-fryer set up in the middle of the yard. Our neighbour looked over the fence and said “Wow, that’s a dramatic way to do fish and chips!”

For this and other recent fish fries, we have been spoiled enough to be able to use lingcod caught by John and his dad from the Pacific Ocean. Some of the lingcods they caught were huge, stretching from the ground to John’s shoulders! The fish are very creepy looking, and John says they are evil.I believe him. But despite their freaky nature, they are sure delicious! The fillets on those beasts are massive and thick, making steaks look like paper. John brought one of the smaller fillets out, and it was enough to feed 6 of us plus some of our neighbours! We have yet to test how many the big fillets can feed…

Dipped in the beer batter and fried just right, the fish is flakey and succulent all at once. Serving with lemon and tartar sauce makes the whole experience even better!

While you’re at it, you really can’t beat homemade fries in the deep fryer. John and I prefer to use russet potatoes with the skin kept on. We bought one of those French fry cutter machine thingies, and I can tell you the investment was well worth it! Perfect, uniform fries cut in minutes!


  • We kept our beer batter simple, but you can spruce it up with any spices or herbs you like, such as cayenne pepper or garlic powder.
  • If you don’t have lingcod, any type of cod or halibut makes great fish and chips.
  • Cut your fish into strips and soak in buttermilk before frying. The buttermilk helps remove some of the undesirable “fishy” flavour
  • If you are doing fries, deep-fry them before the fish, otherwise your fries will have a fishy taste.
  • We like to serve our fries with malt vinegar.


It is never cool to make your whole house smell like deep-fried fish, so take advantage of a nice sunny day with your family and friends and fire up the deep fryer!

Bon appetit,


Click here to view the printable Word version of recipe:
Beer Battered Fish


Beer Battered Fish


Fish – cod or halibut
Salt and pepper

Batter Ingredients:

2 cups flour
1 can/bottle of beer
1 tsp salt
Herbs/spices of choice (optional)

Canola oil for deep frying

Tartar sauce for dipping
Lemon wedges for garnishing


  1. Cut fish into strips. Season with salt and pepper. Put strips in buttermilk and let soak. This will help remove any unwanted fishy taste.
  2. Prepare batter by whisking together batter ingredients.
  3. Heat canola oil in deep fryer. Heat oil to the smoke point of the oil, around 300 F for canola oil.
  4. Shake excess buttermilk off fish strip and coat in beer batter.
  5. Place strips in deep fryer until they are golden.

*Note: If you are deep frying French fries as well, be sure to deep fry before the fish to avoid fishy taste in fries.

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