Dill Pickle Soup

Hello everyone, Months ago, my cousin Lori and I were out for her birthday, and we chose to dine at The Continental for the occasion. The Continental restaurant is an Eastern European restaurant that has been around for decades in Edmonton. During our visit, we enjoyed such classics and beef stroganoff with spätzle, goulash, perogies  … Continue reading

Roasted Chicken and Vegetables

Hello everyone, Growing up, one of my favourite dinners was the classic roasted chicken dinner, featuring some sort of green vegetable such as peas (usually ignored), and always my precious mashed potatoes. Yes, I know this blog features a roasted chicken dinner, but mashed potatoes were the highlight for me, my truest of true loves. … Continue reading

Christmas Baking: Soft Ginger Cookies

Hello everyone, My cousin Lori and I started a Christmas tradition a decade ago when we were only 18 years old (still teenagers!) We started doing our Christmas baking together, and this year is the 10th anniversary of this tradition! Back when we started this, we seriously lacked baking efficiency. Our cookies always turned out … Continue reading